Saturday, January 26, 2008

saturday and exercise

It's Australia Day today and all is well. I am going to a bbq tonight - very cultural of me.

I went to two hours training this morning cardio followed by toning. I am now officially stuffed. I did a toning session yesterday morning as well - with weights. My arms are killing me! I did the cardio this morning and my thighs are informing me that they really dont need to do much more.

There was much talk at training about the run for the kids. I will investigate that. I know that there is a 5km and a 14km version of each. I will aim for the 14km but think the 5 will be a good back up. Apparently you can do the 14km in 2.5hours. At the rate that I walk I think I can manage that even at this early stage. with some training who knows I might even be able to run the 5km! (well slow jog)

I have a few sessions to make up at training over the next few weeks - an extra 2 per week. I think I will be fine doing that and I will be able to get some better training in!

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