Monday, January 28, 2008


I dont know what to write. There are many things going through my mind but I'm not sure if I want to put them down or if they are worthy of mention.

One thing that is going through my mind is the fact that I had naively believed that there were mainly straight-laced people out there blogging. (for the purposes of this blog I am, along with others I read and know are straight-laced) Yesterday I thought I would have a look around and stumbled across something that made my mind boil. A male had set up a predominantly photographic blog of the females I can only assume he has slept with.

They are in various states of undress.

It is not the nakedness that gets me but what I perceive their age to be. They looked sooooooo young! I only saw 6 pictures and I know that there are heaps more. I was devastated on the young females behalf.

I got out of there quickly and deleted the history on my computer. I didnt want to venture down that path again!

I have a thing about anonymity. If you look at the photo that I have on this blog you will have some difficulty making out that it is me. I also dont mention names of people nor places that I have been to. I think that is why I was blown away by this mans blog. It was so obvious who these females were. (You would have to know them personally, no names were mentioned.) Nothing was left to the imagination. (Remember I only saw 6 pictures! I can only imagine what the others were liked).

Whilst driving to a friends house I decided that I needed to do something about what I had seen. But what? This morning I investigated. That "Flag" button is a good thing. You come across a blog that seems a little untoward and hit the flag and the good people in blogging central will look at the blog and maybe put a warning sign in front of it. Not the ideal but it is something. I realise that some people will say that it is not my place to make comment on what people do on the web as it a 'free' forum but I would at least like a warning that I might stumble across some material that I find difficult to deal with.

The only thing that will stop this happening with me is that I cannot remember the name of the blog page - and I have no record of it. Also this doesnt really answer my question if the girls/women were indeed in the appropriate age group. And what do I do in that instance?

I have finished my rant.

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Laura Jane said...

Your completely and appropriately warranted rant.

YUK! What a 1. creep 2. misogynist. 3. even bigger creep!

Well done Widget! And yes, some discretion is definitely called for in blogland. I have my photo on my site and I asked my family's permission to include any comments or names or photos of them I use. Other than that I make any anecdotes fairly anonymous.

Have a nice start to school.