Friday, November 30, 2012

Did you miss me?

Provocative title......really means little.

So I have started back on the social scene having taken time out to regain my bearings.

Tonight I was out to dinner with two extraordinarily odd gentlemen. Both exceedingly polite but both with incredibly focused issues that they were passionate about and really detested.

One was an avid apple computer hater....I love my apple products, but I'm also ok with PC's. Made for a bizarre moment in the conversation when they described their distaste with extreme fervor.

The other hates Toyota cars with the same passion.

Dinner was fairly mediocre but the conversation was fascinating. Apple hating man was also craving to be centre of attention. This proved frustrating but not so as his snobbery to wine....I like good red wine but refuse to pay anything over $40 a bottle when the restaurant has cheap food. That's the sort of place we were in.....the wine price was incredible.

The food took two hours to get to us and I was struggling to remain focused.

I should point out we were the only three at dinner.....I had no light relief.

My brain now hurts from the intensity of the conversation based on things that make you so passionate about hating them.....

Before you ask where I've been.......I will tell you eventually but I have decided to now use this forum to sort out my social life and again with no names.

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Joh said...

Glad you are back:). Interested evening you had!