Monday, June 6, 2011

Finally the photos of the trip.

Well I am now putting up the photos - some of them, of my trip away. They didn't get up any sooner as I was in a state of shock returning to work....the whole having to get up early in the dark and cold!!!!!! (what's that about!) I have had some time with my family sorting a few things out that are quite pressing.....but never mind about that. I'm home today with a 'twingy' back....lean to do something and it lets me know that it exists! (osteopath later today should help me back on track....)

There is a tradition throughout Europe where padlocks are clamped onto a bridge with names or initials on them. It is to signify true love....the major places where I saw this tradition was Paris, Florence and Verona.

So many things amazed me about Paris - in particular the artworks, the architecture and the general atmosphere. Life seemed to begin 9pm each even
ing......not sure when it ended as I was tucked up in bed as each day had a new set of adventures that had to be undertaken.

I learnt many things here......communication is incredibly important, ie where and when to meet your travel partners when you even THINK you might separate.

Highlights of Paris.....The Louvre - but not for the Mona Lisa.....just everything else. My jaw was constantly in the open position! Palace at Versailles and the overall architecture.

(General architecture....grand staircase in the palace in Versailles and a quick look at the gardens there....)

Things that I wasn't to fussed over....The
queues at the Eiffel tower and everywhere else and the fact that there were army officials with machine guns at all the major features.


Probably the most intriguing places that I have been to. It was small but busy. We stayed in the historical section of the place but I ended up walking 2kms past the walls as we were there on a Sunday and the only chemist open was beyond the walls.....

I loved the interesting things there that were different from Paris. The fact that many people did not speak English which challenged my French speaking abilities. I have to say that I loved the challenge and it has sparked a little interest in my linguistic skills.

Did I dan
ce on the bridge? No......but only due to it's age and width.

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