Friday, March 4, 2011

friday out in Frankston! (OMG what was I thinking?)

I have to tell you about the night out I have just had......I am still incredibly amused by the whole thing...although I am trying to avoid sleeping in case I have nightmares!

I arranged to meet a friend from work at 7pm. I thought at an Italian restaurant but she thought at the pub. In hindsight we should have started at the pub and ended at the restaurant.

One bottle of red purchased at the bottle shop and into the restaurant we go. The food was ok, we shared a pizza and it was just that.....nothing special like I am used to. (yes I am a food snob when I eat out.....especially on a Friday.) The conversation was quite good and after 1/2 a bottle of red each it was flowing quite nicely. I felt that there was something that she wanted to say but was not quite ready.....

After almost 2 1/2 hours we headed to the pub where the guitarist was playing.....or so we thought! I parked my car and in we went. I haven't paid a cover charge in years! Tonight I did. $7 and we headed to the bar. I got onto the non-alcoholic and my work friend had a shot of bourbon with a splash of coke.....ewww!

In amongst all of this a young puppy came-a-calling. This guy was 21 and he told us many a time! He insisted on buying us drinks - mere fact we had full glasses. In fact having a conversation with this guy was very much like trying to converse with a goldfish. The 3 second rule definitely applied with this guy. "do you want a drink?" "no, thankyou"

"do you want a drink? Can I buy you one?" "no, it's ok but thankyou."

"are you right for a drink?" "no, I'm ok"

At first I thought the pup was interested in me. WRONG! My friend was "cute" and the pup wanted to know if he could kiss her. When reminded that she had told him that she was 40 he decided that wasn't important. We then said it would be like kissing his mother......nothing..... The best part was the fact that he asked permission to kiss my friend from me! Once he realised that he was not going to be given permission, he left....

In amongst all of the non-action with the young pup, my friend decided that this was the time to let loose about her marriage. I copped an earful. I haven't met the husband and so could only stand there and nod my head and make the right noises. Not really much help. (I also decided that she might just be high maintenance......just putting it out there. Got no real ideas about it though, it was just my gut thought.)

I know that my friend wanted a BIG night out as she is bored with home....she never goes out, but I couldn't do that. 11.10 I was ready to get out the door. I told my friend and she agreed, although a little reluctantly.

If the music had been decent, the crowd just a little older (maybe by 10 years!) and there weren't so many idiots out, I might have wanted to stay. I had a good night really.......I think I did before the pub!

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