Thursday, December 9, 2010

when is a house a home?

Now I have moved house. I am realising how comfortable I was in my last place. Everything had it's place, and I felt like I was home. Now things are in disarray and I don't feel quite at home. Normal I know but disarming anyway.

The unit itself is lovely, there is a warmth to the place. It feels like a home and once I have a lot of stuff unpacked, I probably will feel home there.

I need to buy a few carpets/rugs for the floors upstairs. They have floorboards and there is probably no insulation in the place. The windows are a little old and I think that when a cold wind blows the little gaps that are in them will make it a little chilly. But then again, I didn't have insulation at my last place either. I got a room or two warm and that was it.

I am only a few minutes walk to the beach, but at this stage I haven't got that far. Need to get there this evening I think. I need to start investigating my neighborhood a little more. I need to get out into the garden and start playing with the plant world.

This house is only temporary until I purchase in next year. My plan is off track a little but it will get itself right very soon.

I am trying to be gentle with myself - but sometimes I forget. I have just started trying to sort out my diet. it's all over the place. I am not eating properly and not really interested in food. I have, with the assistance of my sister, got onto finding ways to make sure my nutrition is ok day to day, especially breakfast.

I have come to the conclusion that I really don't want to have to do this again for a least once I have moved to MY place I don't want to do it again for a while!

My issue is that I want it solved NOW! That means everything that is concerning me.....

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