Saturday, December 4, 2010

moving on.....

I have stopped packing for a few moments to try and blog what I'm feeling at the moment.

Monday I move house. I love the unit I am in. It's really lovely. About a month ago the real estate agent rang me to tell me that my landlord needed a place to move his father into. He is very sorry.

Now I am surrounded by mess.

Now I am feeling ill at ease.

I am moving to a place that is just a little smaller than here - but I have been incredibly blessed with this unit! It is huge when it comes to 2 bed units.

It is a lovely place that I am moving into. It's just that I have been here for 7 years and I am comfortable. As I have been packing, I realise that maybe I have been just a little too comfortable. I never saw myself as a hoarder, but that is what I have discovered. It makes the job of packing really ugly. There is so much emotional crap that you have to sort out.

The unit I am moving to is only 3-4 minutes walk from the beach. It has 2 beds and a main bathroom upstairs, all on polished floorboards - one of which needs a bit of work done (I'm onto it!) Downstairs is the lounge and kitchen. There is also a laundry and another bathroom of sorts....well it's a shower and toilet (really neat) off the laundry. It's quite roomy really, and the fact that I have two courtyard areas is fantastic. And there is another shower outside - to wash the sand off as I come back from the beach! The back courtyard is big enough for a table and chairs and a bbq. There is a water feature there. I can put in a few pot plants and it will look lovely. I freaked myself out yesterday when I did the property inspection. Walking through the property I was noticing the chipped paint (I have that here) and the quiet in the place. The place was empty. It felt sad. I felt forlorn. Once I get in and put my stuff in there it will feel quite different. I chose this place because I liked the overall feel as I walked through. There is an airiness.

I had planned to buy when I left here. Why didn't I right now? Well 3 reasons in total.

1) I am going overseas for 6 weeks in April/May and didn't really want to start on mortgage repayments while overseas. I will be looking before I go, but will amp up my searching once I get back.

2) The lead up to Christmas means that auctions and other sale types are generally not on from today onwards.....which leads me to

3) I have only done a small amount of research house hunting and felt way out of my depth in the time frame that I had.

Considering all of this, I made the decision to rent for another 12 months while I am looking.

This is then one of the reasons that I am feeling uncomfortable as I move....knowing that I am going to do it again within the year! I shouldn't be too freaked out by that....I moved 14 times in 10 years when I first started working. I coped then but at the moment I feel blech!

I have got used to my neighbours here. I understand their movements around the place. I am feeling unsettled about having to adjust to new noises and habits.

I realise that what I am feeling is quite normal. I am just sick of feeling like this. It is an anxiousness that I can't be bothered keeping.

I know that I am going to love my new place. I just have to get on with the packing.......


Frogdancer said...

Give it a couple of weeks and it'll feel like home sweet home.

widget said...


I realised that I didn't make the decision to move. It was made for me and that's what makes it hard. I have to say goodbye without making it my choice!