Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sleepless in suburbia

Seriously....I hate waking up in the middle of the night. There are three reasons that I wake up:
1) toilet stop....and I generally get back to sleep straight away.
2) illness....then getting back to sleep is dependant on type
3) whirring mind....then sleep is fitful.

Tonight is a mixture of all 3....probably too much information...illness is the ongoing cough.

Whirring mind is nearly everything that has to be done by next week. Concert preparation, budget stuff and general correction. While I love my job, I really hate it when it takes over my nights....

At the moment I'm listening to a crazy quiz on the radio(to try and calm the whirring mind)....the dj asks 5 types of questions...who, what, when, how,where.....tonight the focus is animation of any sort. The questions are quite hard. You really need to know obscure information....

BACK to the whirring.....One of the things that is flying through my mind at 2am is the concept of drive and ambition. I find that it is not a major factor in my world but I question if it should be. I am career focused enough to strive to do the best that I can as a teacher and as a leader. Being a leader is not something I demand in my world, it's something I do if no one else really steps up to the plate. I cannot stand working for people who are inept!

It's funny watching someone who is career focused and obviously ambitious in your workplace. Someone a decade younger than me has been promoted to a very high position within a school. Absolutely fantastic teacher, highly dedicated and a nice person to boot. I believe that this teacher will be fabulous.....but it still is something that has me thinking. My major thinking is, am I ambitious? If not, why not?

A friend of mine and I have discussed the concept of promotions within the school workplace. We have both come to the conclusion that we are now in the wrong age group...most promotions are coming from those under 36. She works in a different school and has mentioned that most promotions in her workplace are to those under 36. Neither of us are really concerned from our own position but watch those who are older who seem to be bypassed....workplace politics always fascinates me.

I think it's time to stop thinking and time to focus on some sleep action.

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