Sunday, April 25, 2010

the journey begins

I have just come back from a walk along the beach where I saw a few entertaining sights. My favourite was a tiny little dog proudly prancing along the shoreline with a stick in it's mouth that was probably 4 times its body length.......

Today is Sunday (ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand) and is the middle of a long weekend. I have walked for about 2 hours this weekend, in amongst just getting myself organised food wise and basically resting.

I decided about 5 weeks ago to get onto getting myself fit and healthy. I have been to the gym at least once a week during that time, attended a weekly pilates class and walked a few times a week. So far, so good.

Issues arise when I look at food. I know that I need to make wise food choices - but seem to make LARGE food choices......Portion size is my issue at the moment.

Then, like most people in the world, I eat when tired, stressed or emotionally down.

I recognise this, but have done nothing to alleviate this. This morning I made a decision and got onto an online program where I can monitor my eating etc. I know that I can't do this on my own. I think I can - but have proved over the last 5 weeks that I really need to get some 'support'. Weekly meetings are something I don't want. I have also tried the replacement program.......and suffered greatly.

Over the past few weeks I sat on the couch, great piles of food in front of me, watching 'Biggest Loser'. I was inspired but was not ready to do something......

I woke this morning and it felt like something had snapped into position. Measurements taken - and I realised that I am a long way from my optimum BMI.......

I have now tracked and I have walked......I am now out for a light lunch with friends. Watch this space!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck! We just bought a treadmill, so we have no excuses now!