Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wednesday the woeful!

Pretty stressed out at the mo!

Two weeks to go until the big house music festival and worried that the kids aren't quite ready.....they will be I am sure!

Correction pretty much all up to date so that is awesome!

On the way to work realised that the venue that I use for my lunchtime choir rehearsal was being used by a big shindig that the school was organised and I had not been given a new space......

Thinking through my way of tackling this issue - principal sees me and informs me that we have been burgled AGAIN! Music office seems to be an easy target. Again the computer has been taken! but this time they took the external hard drive and this had the music departments data base!!!! We teach over 600 kids in that space. Each of those kids have their own teacher (16 teachers come in!), belong to one of the 20+ ensembles and may hire an instrument which they may have paid for.........

On top of this the rolls are marked on this every day which can be accessed by the general office for the whole school roll marking......we have no data base therefore we can't mark any electronic rolls!

Then the entire music library is catalogued! Over 4000 items.

We have lost everything!

We can put most of it back together but it will take time. My co-leader spent the entire day entering information onto another version of the program. He looked and looked over the computer in his studio and found a backed up version of the library which is about 6 months old........phew!

He is exhausted at the moment having had to do that. Tomorrow afternoon I will be picking up where he left off!

Now we have to fortify our working space. I think this will mean bars on windows, new doors everywhere and we will have to have new locks everywhere!

We had a new computer put in - but the other co leader and I took this away and stored it somewhere that it can't be seen from the outside! I then put microphones and recording equipment elsewhere and then put that key into another space! This is ridiculous!

Some time early last year we were burgled. Same idea - office computer taken. A week later, after putting in a laptop, we had another burglary. This time the laptop taken. Neither time was the external hard drive removed...........

Then we were told that we were making too much noise for the shindig........a bit hard when you are African we moved to another space....then we were too noisy for the other classes - instrumental teachers couldn't we moved again! Ok, so that was not all in one hit - one teacher was asked to do quiet drumming.......I got moved away from near the instrumental teachers space.....but it seems much better if I whinge all at once on this issue!

Everything else is as I stated......except there are some things that I won't mention. Always is though!


Frogdancer said...

At least they didn't steal the exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!

(Sorry... don't mean to be unsympathetic, but you sure used a lot of them...)

What a pain. Just for the record: last week I paid for 3 lots of instrument hire. The tuition was paid last year. Just so you know...

widget said...

Considering how pissed of I was I think 20 is minor.

found your payment record - so your kids are fine.

Anonymous said...

Always keep a back-up off the premises. With my Mac they now have something called Time Machine, which makes it super easy to back up on a regular basis.