Tuesday, January 12, 2010

warm night

Last night was wickedly hot........I don't normally have issues with the heat at night time. If it is below 25C/77F I can sleep.

Last night I tossed and turned and was mightily uncomfortable. I resorted to pulling out a sarong and soaking that with water. I slept under the wet sarong with a fan washing over me. That was about 11pm that I did that. 2am I had to do it again. 4.30 I thought about it again but decided to just stay where I was an doze as best as I can.

I found after I got up that it only got to about 33C/91.4F overnight. Some record might have been broken for the hottest night since 1902.

At some point today it is meant to hit 40C/104F. then a cool change is coming.....6-7 hours away I think.

Strangely it is cooler now than it was overnight......around where I live it is 25C. I have the house open for the time being. the heat box will cool down!

I was meant to go ou for lunch today - but I am way to cranky to leave here. Not wanting to talk to anyone in particular. Might read a book instead....


Anonymous said...

I much prefer the cold! I did the right thing...

Anonymous said...

We have just had 8 days of 40+ one of them 46ÂșC all with correspondingly hot nights where one melts in ones bed under the fan. You can read about it and other stuff on:
I guess it's the price one pays for moving to Rio de Janeiro.