Saturday, December 19, 2009

whilst watching dr who I realised that

There are days when you know that you work with a dickhead or two. I apologise immediately for my language but my immediate boss left work on Thursday and he proved that was the most stupid man in the world.

During his farewell speech he didn't really say anything about the people he had worked with over the past 3 years. In fact the main thing he did say in his speech was "I started a business, I sold it, I started another business." He sat down then jumped up and said an unbelievable thankyou to the office staff and the cleaners....that was it.

He got progressively drunk throughout the afternoon and decided that it was important to discuss sexuality with me. I wont repeat what was said as he is a twat!

Most people are pleased he has gone - I think I am at the front of the queue. Maybe not the head of the queue but very close.........

In other news - I am a fabulous teacher. A few of my students have been selected to perform at the Top Acts show next year! Woo Hoo. It means that I have taught some kids that have been thought to be the best in the state.........Yay me!

I am now on holidays and I have done VERY, VERY little. I am still sitting on the couch - it is 4 in the afternoon! I did go shopping and go to my pilates class but that is it. I am planning on doing a few things today - make my bed, put clothes away but that is it!

My bogan neighbours had a party last night.......I think it was for the daughter's birthday. I know it was a birthday but who's I am not sure. They had the music pumping and the swearing a plenty but then stopped right on midnight. Strnager behaviour - but one that I appreciate. Maybe they have had so many complaints in the last few years that they have realised they need to shush occasionally.

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Laura Jane said...

Indeed....YAY YOU!!!!!

What a complete and utter WANKER he sounds! Fancy being head of no-one. Idiot! No loss at all. Good riddance. Hope you're VERY near the front of the queue.

Thank heavens for neighbours who can be taught too.

(ooh, wv is wines)