Tuesday, November 10, 2009

catch up

Evening all. Long time no write.....

It is stupidly hot here at the moment. Over 30 for the last 4 days and more of the same for the next few.......OMG! Apparently the last time November was this hot was 80 years ago.

About 3 weeks ago we were snuggling under warm blankets. Now, I am realising that I don't have enough warm weather clothes.

I love the end of Spring - so full of surprises. I just wonder what Summer is going to be like if the weather is like this and we haven't hit that season yet!

On other news - I hate the amount of correction that I have to do. My student teachers - whilst they were busily correcting - did Sweet FA in relation to leaving me with any decent marks to work with. I have to chase too many kids for my liking. What a complete waste of time they were for me!

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