Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Stream of Consciousness

Night two of the year 12 recitals......5 singers (2 classical voice and 3 contemporary voice) and 1 percussionist. The percussionist claimed he was not going to sing.....I counted 5 "ole's"...He lied!

I found that I come home to relax by watching West Wing. I loved it when it was on tv and now I love it even more when I can catch up on episodes one at a time..... I am up to Series 3. I keep laughing that all the "things" that happen. Whenever there is an issue either character involved in the issue will comment on "the thing". eg "We have a thing" or "Do you know about the thing?"

Not sure if I will get through the last 20 minutes of this episode - finally I am getting tired and this stream of consciousness is drying up.

There are two days left in the term. One of those days will involve me being at the school until 10.30pm or so. The other day will be talking to my interns about their placement with me.

I will be so glad to see Friday 2.30pm!

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Frogdancer said...

OF COURSE you've saved the best till last.....