Tuesday, September 15, 2009

quick now

So night one of the senior music recitals is over. There were some good ones and some that I have thought - oh dear.......they weren't bad BUT compared to where they were last semester, I am a little concerned.

I came home in between teaching and recitals and my house was clean. Can I tell you again how lovely it is to have a cleaner who comes in and dusts, cleans, mops etc. Bliss.

During the day I was reading my year 11 students writing for Music Styles. This was my favourite sentence (if you are American, Look away NOW!)
"The thickness is truly representative of America and it's people." - I should probably explain that she was trying to describe TEXTURE in a piece of music that was used in the credits of "The Day after Tomorrow". I asked her to read the sentence out of context and she quickly changed it.........

I'm now off to bed - I was burning the night's repertoire onto CD for the kids - each one has their own CD to take home tomorrow......

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Anonymous said...

Well, it wouldn't be the first time we've been called "thick." I like the idea that music has texture. I often wish I had pursued music in my life versus literature.