Saturday, September 19, 2009

sleep is good

Day one of my holidays.....what have I done? Nothing - except 2 1/2 hours of phone calls. Lovely.

I had my final one-on-one pilates class last night. I found it very strenuous. My mind and my body were not one. I was laughing a great deal, as was my instructor, as I could not really coordinate the activities that I was being asked to do. The best - feet in table top, arms completing over head pull downs whilst doing a minor sit up. WTF? I realised that giggling doesn't help.

Having had a big morning tea and a yummy Indian lunch I had no need for dinner but I did have a few dry biscuits. I lay back on the couch to relax and I think I must have had a sleep for two hours there.......I was on one channel which had the evening news on at 7.15pm.......I woke up to the same channel and it was still the news but a different presenter......9.37pm.

I went to bed and slept until 8.10 this morning. The only thing that woke me through the night was the heavy lump that is my cat trying to get comfortable on my feet. She got kicked off and I returned to sleep.

My plans for the next few days is to relax, correct the final work I have from my year 12s, write their practice exams and then, as much as possible, turn off.

I do have a few other things - finish making sheets, make a few skirts, sort out the books in my house and purchase a few bits and bobs. Not much really. I am thinking about a holiday to NZ in the summer - a friend has just moved there and I think I might visit her in January.


Anonymous said...

Pilates always makes me laugh because I can never do any of it! Ha!

Wendi said...

I think Pilates was invented during the Spanish Inquisition, no? That's always been my theory.