Friday, September 18, 2009

Do you own striped pyjamas?

Last night, as I wrote yesterday, we had the final night of recitals. I got home at a reasonable hour and wound down with a spot of port and West Wing......

Finally I went to bed at around 11pm and found myself looking at the ceiling. My mind kept going back to one thing.......I had left the heating on in the music centre at work. I was very concerned that I would get back to work this morning and find that the centre had burnt down.......this was the last thing that I wanted - there is a lot of expensive equipment there.

I then had a conversation with myself about the fact that the heating hadn't even worked so there was almost no chance of the place burning down as there was NO heat being generated. My mind then decided to contemplate the issue that the electricity was going and there was a high possibility that the motor might die and again, there might be a fire.

At 11.56 I made this decision. Get up, drive to work, turn off the heating, drive home and go to sleep.

11.58 I was out the door and in my car. I drove - within the speed limit - and made it to work in 20 minutes. This is amazing as it takes me 35 minutes minimum during peak hour. I pulled up outside one of the building sites (we have two - I was outside the hall) and it was then I remembered that I was in my pyjamas, slippers and a short-waisted zipper jacket.

After a moment of thought I jumped out the car, locking it as I shuffled round past the building site and to the boiler room where the heating controls are. I unlocked the room, turned off the controls and then shuffled as fast as I could back to my car. 1 minute 30 seconds total.

In hindsight I realise that it was a stupid thing to do.....but then I am (and was) very tired.

I drove home and all the way home I contemplated the thought that although I didn't meet anyone at the school itself, there might be video evidence.....which could end up anywhere.......

The whole trip took me 40 minutes and I was asleep in bed by 12.45. Amazing really.

This morning I awoke with the thought that door was on the alarm system and that I was sprung on the cameras......I tentatively walked through the school building until I came to the Principal. She made no mention of being alerted by the alarm far so good.

After keeping my mouth shut (told one person who laughed very loudly....) I did tell the principal. She laughed very loudly too. By the end of recess the buildings and grounds man approached me and asked me how much was I willing to pay to have the footage 'disappear'. Hmmmmm.....I thought that I was sprung so I decided to see where the footage was taken from......

I reapproached the buildings and ground man. I had, in passing mentioned it to another staff member who had witnessed the principal laughing, he then told another and so the story moved...... If we didn't have the hall work taking place I would have been sprung.....there could be footage from the end of the staff area - but I think that this is highly unlikely.....

I don't think there are going to be anymore striped pyjama runs in the near future. Tonight is get to sleep quickly night! I won't stay awake for a long period tonight!

I'M ON HOLIDAYS! The interns are finished!!!!!! Massive concert done! It's all good.


LynneFtWorth said...

Wow! It sounds like you had an adventure. When I have thoughts like that I try to rationalize before I take drastic measures. I have actually turned around 1/3 way into a fifty mile trip to work to return home because I thought I left my oven on broil. Got home and the oven was turned off. I had to stop for gas and was 2 hours late to work because of this. Now I have notes on the inside of the front door saying thing like "turn off a/c, turn off oven", etc.

Have a great holiday. Don't think too much about work.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's better to be safe than sorry, and it's better to take 40 minutes out of your sleep than to be awake for hours wondering. What else would someone be expecting you to wear at midnight anyway? I wouldn't have put on anything special, if that makes you feel better :)