Saturday, May 30, 2009

just stuff

I love a good lie in. Unfortunately I can't get my head and body to work together on a decent sleep in.

7am! What is that meant to indicate in terms of sleep ins?

Ok - it's an extra hour but come on! I like the idea of sleeping in a little bit longer - say to much to ask really.

Now I am going to address a rumour.....

The head of department that I work with does NOT, to my knowledge, have swine flu. Yes, he has been absent, sick with a respiratory infection, for the past 3 days but he hasn't been traveling etc. It is a mere coincidence that another staff member is absent with flu-like symptoms as well.

I have started my 230+ reports........I have entered all names into the program and I am slowing starting to input marks.

Before I can finish them I have to mark kids ICT projects which I can't do at home, and I have to allocate marks for their participation and performance in the big ensembles........this week will be busy!

But I am off to trivia tonight with a group of friends. I am trying to remember the balance issue I had promised myself to look out for at the beginning of the year. One thing I noticed is that the more I stayed at home, due to my back being a cactus being, the more reluctant I was to go out. So now I make sure I am going to be out at least 2 nights per week...........which means having to get work done at work. Nice concept that I am aiming to follow......

Enjoy your weekend.


Frogdancer said...

How did the sewing class go?

River said...

I don't do sleep-ins very well either. On work days I'm up and about by 4.30am at the latest, so on weekends I'd love to sleep longer, and I do. Until 5am. Then I'm wide awake, but it's too cold these mornings to be up and doing, so I've started making coffee and taking it back to bed with a good book.