Sunday, May 31, 2009

The beast is tamed!

Today I tamed the beast!

In essence I learnt how to take my overlocker apart, clean it, oil it, put it back together and thread it (5 times in a row!).

I found out that with my particular machine I have to thread the top looper first BEFORE anything else. If one of the loopers break mid sewing I have to re thread the whole thing!

Now if top looper means nothing to you - you are not alone. Before I went to this class I didn't really understand anything to do with my machine.

After threading so many times I found myself taking less than 2 minutes threading four threads!

We then learnt to check our tension, the differential feed, the width of the slicing blade and finally ...... I learnt how to roll a hem. You know those fancy-schmancy hems you see on ballroom dresses? I found out how to do one of line and stitch on the bias. I also learnt a few "tricks" of the trade for current trends. Oh my mind is swimming.

The ladies in the class were lovely and some of them had never sewn anything before. The teacher was really quite lovely - although I couldn't stop laughing as she kept stating that if she was any more perfect she'd be fabulous! I might have to take that one on.

I had such a good time that I put my name down on a waiting list for a drafting class. I have the basic idea in my head, which I have used, but I am now wanting to get some professional advice on how to do interesting things which will help me make some individual outfits.

Great day all up!

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