Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Went out to dinner last night which was a fun catch up with some staff from work. Being so overworked at the moment I feel lucky to make an occasional lunchtime.

Got home, went to bed and finally asleep by 11.30pm only to be woken at 12.30 and not able to sleep again until 4.30am! So cross. BUT the fun didn't end there. The grumbles hit my insides.

I might just tell you that there is nothing like the internal machinations of something really untoward working it's way through your system. Pain, incredible pain.......and you know those grumbles only leave one of two ways........I didn't like either but was only really persecuted with one way that involved my lower half.

I ended up going to work for 4 hours this morning as I have a theory group who are sitting their external exam tomorrow.........final class and all. Also my Year 12 Group kids had an assessment task that needed to be done for their overall grade. I left at 11am and got home by 11.30 and slept on the couch until 12.45. Feel so much better.

Going back to the theory class....the kidlet turned up this morning with the other three gentlemen. They gentlemen should pass really well. I don't think she will. Poor poppet - she is under pressure from her mother to do well in everything and so she is pushed to succeed. The kid doesnt know if she is coming or going....hence what happened on Sunday.

I've been sitting and reading assignments for the past hour and loving the fact that I am just about up to date.......Year 12s to do next.


Vanessa said...

I hate that "something inside my body really wants to be outside my body" feeling.

Anonymous said...

I hate being awoken by those grumbles and sharp pains. I just know I'm in for a helluva night. I hope you've recovered.

Anonymous said...

Ick! Hope you are feeling better now!