Friday, April 17, 2009

back to it.

The back is much improved. I sat to get my hair done today. Well, I sat for the coloring, then wandered the room while it set. I then sat for the wash, wandered and finally sat for the cut and blow-wave. I think I wandered for half an hour in the 2 hours of hairdressing appointment.

Once home I lay on the floor for a bit - about half an hour.

Back to the osteopath this afternoon.

Strangely enough I am very excited to be going back to work on Monday - not so much because I am missing work. I have been very bored - I think I have mentioned this before. Having a back issue has really annoyed me. I have not really contacted anyone over this time as I was not in a happy place physically and mentally to do so.

One thing I have been doing is looking at weird signs. My favourite was for a waxing studio which, according to the sign, catered for all male and female waxing. My reaction: Is there any other kind?

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