Wednesday, April 15, 2009

back to back

I saw my regular osteopath today and he was impressed by the state of my back. Impressed that I am sitting considering what I have done to it. In his words "it was a great job on an already good situation".

I do hope you understand that 'great' and 'good' are not really meant as they are spoken in the regular world.

As I said to him, I have NEVER BEEN SO BORED DURING MY SCHOOL HOLIDAYS. I go to do something and then the sciatic pain drives me to distraction. Driving anywhere is fraught with sciatic temptation....then having people over means that I might have to entertain them. That doesn't really work when I am completely ok with the use of my body.

I am off to a pilates class in about 20 minutes and I am looking forward to it. My osteopath suggested that I might need to have a few classes on my own to get the exercises sorted out correctly. I told him it is a very small group that are in the class which he seemed fairly happy about.

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