Sunday, February 1, 2009

What I have learnt this week....

  • Emos don't really do to well in extreme heat conditions. It seems you can't dress in total black - long sleeves and all - without expiring. Then you when you dress in black shorts, tshirt and long socks and black runners you look a little, well, unloved, unkempt and basically a little on the unfit side.
  • Value in long term friendships.
  • Work is hard to get into when you haven't been there for 2 months. It's even harder when the temperature is over 40C.
  • A wet towel under your head when you go to bed means that you do actually sleep.
  • Sometimes you just should keep your mouth shut.


Vanessa said...

The heat sounds miserable! I hope it lets up soon, until then, try putting the towel in the fridge first. It's nice!

Anonymous said...

"Rice socks" really work too! You put some rice in an old sock (or any article of clothing I guess, but socks can be tied at one end, securing the rice inside), stick the sock w/rice in the freezer all day, then put the sock w/rice in your bed. The rice stays cold, and it's really nice to put by your feet or legs! The only downside is that your sheets will smell like rice.

It's hard to get back into work when I've only been away for 2 days, let alone 2 months! My goodness. I feel for ya.