Tuesday, February 24, 2009

this week is fun

I have had a funny week so far. I have reactivated my facebook account and found myself making 'friends' with people I already know. I have discovered another person of my name and we are making a great fist of getting to know each other. This has kept me entertained no end.

My students are keeping me laughing - year 8 boys really have dirty minds. Actually all year level kids can have a dirty mind but year 8 boys snigger at the slightest drop of an innuendo. Mention ti-ti's (rhythm name for quavers/eighth notes) and there are guffaws a plenty over the fact I might have mentioned titties........They can only hope.

Year 12s are trying their hardest to be the wittiest. I think I share the lovely Matt with Frogdancer and agree that he is a quick thinking and funny young man. I have this very small class (although the number is about 3% of state numbers for the subject!) and each person in the class look for ways to expand their knowledge and then use the appropriate terminology in the most inappropriate situation. My cheeks hurt at the end of most lessons laughing at their crazy antics.

I looked at two units - well I think shoeboxes! I laughed at the idea of me living with all my instruments in a shoebox.

I donated blood last night and reaquainted myself with the sensation of having a long needle in your arm - bizarre. More importantly I saw the nurses zip into action when the woman next to me fainted. The nurses told me to "look away" as you get the feeling that you might faint and then go out in sympathy. The nurses were funny but very professional.

I am having a good night in - rest of the week is looking busy.


Frogdancer said...

The Matt you're thinking of is my OTHER Matt. Your Matt is indeed lovely. The other one is a bit of an acquired taste...

Anonymous said...

I like the fast-acting nurses. I've never seen someone faint. Normally, I don't stick around long enough to witness much about giving blood because my blood is rarely good enough for them. So, good on you for donating :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, I'm glad you allow yourself to be amused by your students. I was just saying to my husband today when we saw some teenage boys on TV doing something really immature, "And that's why I can't teach high school. Because I think that's funny." I would have no control over my classroom.