Saturday, February 21, 2009

busy week

So the last few days have been interesting.

Something that has been brewing came to a head - and I am much relieved that it is 'sorted'. Can almost deal with it.

Work has been hectic. I have a student teacher at the moment. She is very good and I feel terrible that I have not blogged about her. The first one in ages that has done the right thing and I haven't given her any space. She finishes pretty much at the end of next week. We have been asked to have another one in the school but I don't want another teacher yet. I have to use this time now to get to know my kidlets.

After going out with Frogdancer two weeks ago, I have been quite quiet on the weekends. Been out most other nights of the week though. Tired as a result of being out so often......must be getting old.

Been off to the gym at least once a week. Need to boost this to two times BUT I am quite stoked at the once a week commitment.

Had contact with someone I went to Primary school with. Been interesting emailing someone that I haven't spoken to in 25+ years. So much has happened and where do you start. Been fun.

I reopened my face book account. I had deactivated it due to the fact that I didn't like the regulations they had. When I reactivated it they had got rid of the changes. Quite pleased with that really. Main reason was to keep up with a traveling family member.

Off to look at property today. Also going to clean my place and do the grocery. Kids performing this afternoon down the road from here so off to see them strut their stuff. Brunch tomorrow so weekend filling quickly........

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