Sunday, February 15, 2009

alternative reality

Have you ever done a search on your name? Your full name is what I am talking about.

I have a few times and discovered that there are two other people in the world with my name.

Yes - there are two other Widget Girls out there. Both of them live in America. One writes poetry - or least she did when she was in the 9th grade 7 or 8 years ago. Who knows what she is up to now.

The other has my name via marriage. I checked out her family blogspot and she is quite a pretty, blonde thing. I tried, about a year ago, to make contact but received no reply. I am not surprised. If someone wrote you an email and stated that they had your name, would you do anything with it?

Thought not.

The funny thing about this other same-named being is that she is quite strong within her faith. Here am I running away from ALL organised religions and I find another of my name strong within their beliefs. Quite bizarre really.

Now Widget Girl is not that common a name so I keep thinking that this situation is actually like a sci-fi plot line. I have a link to a parallel universe and I am able to see how the other version of me lives their life. In the other life I am married, below 30 and have a young son.

Now this is where my thinking gets REALLY weird (as if it could get any stranger)......

What would you do if you had to choose your reality. Would you choose the one you have? Or would you opt for the path less travelled?

I do believe I would stay with what I know.

I can't see me as a blonde.


Laura Jane said...

She's probably destined to be your polar opposite, Widge.

Its part of the deal - they're either so like you its scary - OR the complete opposite.

I am not surprised at all.

Anonymous said...

I'd reply to someone with my name. I think I'm the only one in the world with my married name, especially if you count my middle name too.

I think I'll stick with own path. I sometimes wish I could be someone else, but I'd probably only want that for a few days or something. Ultimately, I'm a creature of habit and comfort. I go with what I know.

Anonymous said...

Scratch that. I just found someone (not the same middle name) with my first and last name. Just one, though. She was witness in a murder trial against her boyfriend.

Vanessa said...

I have done a search of my name. There is one other with my exact name and she lives in the UK. She also has my URL of and I've offered to buy it from her, she refuses to sell. She has friended me on Facebook which is a weird sort of friendship we have developed. Also, have you joined Facebook? Friend me?