Sunday, October 26, 2008

neighbour update

I haven't spoken of my neighbours for awhile. I think it is time to bring you up to speed.

In comparison to last year - they are quiet.

They're not silent, just quiet.

I think the daughter moved out. A least I haven't heard the dulcet tones of her screaming at her mother for some time so I can only assume that she has moved out. But I am a little confused as I have heard the mother talking to the daughter's boyfriend a lot and have heard him answering so I am really unsure.......

The massive structure they put up over the winter period is still erect - I think it will remain so as they will do damage to the supporting structures if they try to take it down etc. But they have moved the aerial for their television to out the back. I can see it clearly from my kitchen window. Summer tv viewing is now set up for them.

They do keep me amused.

I do know that I am not the only one who is annoyed by them and I think a few complaints did go in about them which might explain their quieter nature.

Funny as this sounds, I do miss their inane arguments. I learnt a lot about inappropriate language usage from their arguments but the season is early. Things could change.....

Now why haven't I moved? I was seriously looking but the difference in price was ridiculous. Housing shortage and all meant that I was looking at least a 90% increase in rent per week so I made the decision to save that per week for my own abode instead. (That and a bit extra......)

I have now rearranged my lounge room with the new furniture and surround sound. I can't hear them that much - compared to last year. I look at it this way. Each day is the last time on that day that I hear them etc.

I am looking at properties on line for purchase and I am starting to look at the minefield that is the home loan market. This credit/financial crises makes it very intriguing as well. The Federal Government here decided to double the first home buyers grant which is lovely. If I buy a new home I get even more.

It looks like this $7000 first home buyers grant. This is now doubled (until June 30 2009) to $14000 and a new home to $21000. A fair amount. If you live in Victoria you also are eligible for another $3000 for a first home and then $3000 for going rural and if I construct $5000. So there is a lot of financial rewards there if you want them. BTW - I am not going rural and I will only construct new if it is close to where I work.......fat chance and I don't think I can even afford the land around my workplace so just forget about that thought.

Some cynical friends of mine said that this is all well and good but the prices will increase by that amount. There is that chance but that is why I am waiting until after April next year to purchase as it gives me the time to really watch the market. (And April is the time when my term deposit matures......) Another colleague suggested that the best time to purchase will be in the second half of next year - but the bonus grant will disappear before then......Oh decisions.

I rang my financial institution to find out what I might be able to borrow. I just about fainted when she mentioned an amount which was nearly double what I had thought of borrowing in the first place. No wonder there are so many people freaking out at the moment. If they borrowed the amount they were offered..........I would go nuts with trying to make the repayments.

I sat and worked out what I felt comfortable paying back and then added a few changes in the interest rates and think I have a budget that I can work with. That is the amount I am ensuring I am saving........

So back to the neighbours. I now listen to them with interest as I think I might write a novel about them - if I can be bothered. They are my inspiration to move to my own. Yes I could end up with nasty pesky neighbours when I buy my own least it's mine and I can change things a little......

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