Saturday, October 25, 2008

The art of friendship

Friendships are interesting things.

While I am cleaning the house I am thinking through friendships and how the dynamic changes as circumstances change.

Many years ago I would have said I have a lot of unbelievably close friends. Now I would say I have 1 person that I divulge everything to and a few that know a lot about me and then a lot of people who I share myself with but I don't seek them out. (I'm not even going to go down the path of close colleagues and acquaintances etc).

I realise that I am becoming more circumspect as I get older. This is both a good thing and a bad thing. I also know that as you get older friendships get harder to develop from new but they are worth their weight in gold.

I think of my mother with this last statement. She is an octogenarian and only recently met this lovely woman who I believe she has become best friends with. I love the friendship that they have. They are good for each other - sometimes the balance is more one way than another. As far as I know, they speak daily - if not every few days. I can only hope that I am in the same situation at the same age.

In my own situation my best friend lives around the corner. I speak with her weekly - and when I am less frenetic, every few days. The week is not the same without a chat to her - even if it is 15 minutes at a time.

The last couple of years has been interesting as I was not in the same amount of communication with her (I am shocking with phone usage, much prefer the face to face situation). Her world changed with relationships, moving to where we both live now, birth of her child etc. My own world has remained the same but the intensity has changed. We share a lot of emotional stuff without any effort. I think it is wonderful.

My other close friends I speak to every few weeks. Sometimes more often depending on times etc.

One of them I speak to about a lot of stuff but she is more the talker and I love hearing everything about her. We pick up each time where we left off. I am blessed with her friendship. She is very generous and is teaching me the same. You drop in for a coffee and you have cake, lunch, whatever. She loves a hug and I see her when I need a hug. It is awesome.

Another I am still trying to work out our current balance. It takes time - which both of us have limited access to this year. Sometimes we muse over the idea that it would be better if we lived closer to each other.

Yet another couple I see very irregularly but it's like we just know where we left off. It might take a few moments to catch up but it is always worth the few moments of re kindling.

There is another brilliant friendship that I developed through workplace, which is always interesting. She teaches me each and everyday that you can do ANYTHING if you apply yourself to it and focus your energies on it. I try and live like that each day. Sometimes I wonder at how she does what she does. Inspiring is something that crosses my mind each time I talk to her.

I look at all the close friendships and realise that I am blessed. All of these women are at different stages of their lives and teach me something each time I see them. They have each taught me valuable lessons in life, person-hood and to value me for who I am. I love the fact that they are willing to share their time with me.

Thank you to my friends. Thank you for your time, love and gifts.

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Laura Jane said...

Friendship IS an art. I completely agree.

What a lovely reflection Widget.

(That reminds me, I must see my closest friend this weekend, we haven't seen each other for weeks, things are hard for her right now)