Monday, September 15, 2008



I'm about to have a rant.

You have been warned so turn away now if you are not interested in the ravings of a woman from Australia.

I cannot stand the fact that sport is mentioned in every situation.

I think I finally cracked it when we had at least 5 mentions of the footy finals and the fact that one particular team lost. This was in our staff meeting. Call me old fashioned but I was under the impression that staff meetings were meant to be professional. Grrrr!

I can put up with the occasional mention in announcements, banter in the staff room and general conversations. Where I personally get peeved is at school assemblies (although there is some attempt at humour) and in meetings.

I hate this sport stuff.

Why not talk the same way about art? Music? Theatre?

Ok. I think I am over it! I know it wasn't that big but I had to say something.........I do feel better now.


Joh said...

I'm barracking for your team on this rant Widget. It bores the life out of me as well and frequently bangs up against my sense of justice when the glorification of sports activities and people invades my space.

Frogdancer said...

But it's such a shame that Carlton didn't make the finals, though they ARE improving....

oh. sorry. Isn't the rule that if it was about MY team it'd be interesting....? no?

Vanessa said...

I am endlessly frustrated by this too. I am so tired of hearing about anything ending in the word "ball" I could scream.

Lesley said...

One of my earliest introductions to Australia's pathological obsession with sport was in 1970, my first year at high school in Perth (from England), and class stopped so they could broadcast the frigging Melbourne Cup over the school PA system.
Loved your rant.
(Hi, I'm a friend of Laura's just calling by after she mentioned she'd be meeting you in Melbourne. Have a great time!)