Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Senior school interviews tonight - which I am halfway through. I find it interesting at this level what the parents expect from you the teacher and from their kids.....I just had a mum come in and start the interview with "my daughter doesn't think you like her". My instant reaction was "it's her attitude I don't like, she's lovely." Once we got past that introduction we got down to the bones of the why and how.

Essentially the daughter is dealing with half truths. She doesn't attempt the set work and then wonders why she doesn't understand it! She performs brilliantly but doesn't do any theory! Annoying. Frustrating as well. I think she was trying to be funny - but it didn't quite work.

All the other interviews were challenging with me having to think of the "right way" of saying how the kids could improve their mark. I only had one that was easy - maybe I haven't been as focused in the past.......

But it is halftime now - pizza for dinner (yum yum). Maybe a glass of wine and back for 11 more 5 minute interviews over 2 hours! What joy.

Added at 9.22pm after I got home:

The second half was easier than the first! My hardest interview during the second half was discussing how a student should develop soft volume in their singing. This child reacts badly to criticism. Actually this particular child has a social difficulty; lovely child but struggles with social settings, reading and understanding.

I had my easiest interview in the second half - a boy who just breathes music. He has to work on his analysis of music but the performance area is beautiful.

A sleep in tomorrow morning! Yay!

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Anonymous said...

I think I'd be more motivated to try to teach high school or junior high kids if I didn't have to deal with parents. To tell you the truth, I'm scared of parents. I'm scared I'd give the students grades based on what their parents would be okay with (to avoid confrontation) or that I would go in the opposite direction and blurt out all the things you're just supposed to think and not say. I love that I teach adults, but I also think it's fear that keeps me from trying something else.

In other words, good for you for doing what you do.