Monday, September 1, 2008

Back to it

It was funny going to school today having not been there on Friday after the concert. A lot of people didn't realise that I was unwell when I was walking precariously across the stage. They just thought that I was struggling in my shoes!

I have had the weirdest experience with my band kids today. I have lost all of my conductor scores! How do conduct a band with no music? I still have no idea! To add pressure I had a student teacher watching me! (not mine she belongs to the instrumental manager and another classroom teacher) This student teacher is in the army most of the time and is part of the army band program...........I am a singer with lots of (70+) ratty year 8 kids.

I am good at my job but this was funny. I handed out new music which I hadn't prepared as I didn't go to work on Friday to collect the scores. The kids played reasonably well and played up extraordinarily well.

My student teacher was doing really well but had an emotional setback today. She almost cried but I was firm with her. She was planning for her year 10 class for the head of music and didn't think she had anything......

I went through what she had and it seemed fine then she said I don't have the music for them to listen to. I asked her what her options at this stage were. We discussed going home to get them and I also threw some other ideas in such as rhythmic dictation, chordal work etc. I then created an idea for a practical lesson without instruments. She wasn't sure about doing this as it seemed a little naff. We talked through how to present the lesson and she kept telling me she was not sure. I finally told her to make a decision. Either present the lesson she had prepared - going home to get her music or using other songs, or go with something else. Whatever she decided to do, she needed to do it confidently. Her reply "I can't make a decision!" As if I hadn't noticed.....

I talked through this outburst with the head of music and we decided that we should call the university. Not that she is danger of failing - when she is with the kids, she is fantastic. Her content has improved greatly. Her presence has improved amazingly! What I am concerned about is her emotional and mental state away from the classroom. I rang the uni. I feel awful - as though I have dobbed her in, but I feel that I needed to flag her with them. I think there might be something going on underneath that I don't have the capacity to deal with.

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