Saturday, September 27, 2008

Catch up

Today I have, with the help of CD - a good friend, moved the couch and two chairs onto the nature strip for hard rubbish collection, and moved the massive cabinet to the garage awaiting my phone call to a charity to pick it up.

My loungeroom is now massive. I am sitting at the dining table looking at the space that is here. I am a little freaked by the space that is here.

I have had a mild moment of panic when I wondered if the new couch and chairs that I have paid for, wont turn up. It has been two weeks since I purchased them so anywhere between now and another 4 weeks and I should have a lounge suite back in here.

Yesterday my neighbour (one of the nicer ones, not one of the bogans from out the back) and I started demolishing the ivy that has attached itself to the palm tree out the back. We filled 360 litres of garden waste bin and we haven't even made an impact. Why am I bothering? Well the ivy has grown so high on the palm that it looks like it is going to kill it and then the tree will fall.

After our 'successful' attempt at ivy removal, I came in and rang the real estate agent that I am renting from. I explained to them that the ivy is prolific and that some of the trunks at the bottom are the size of my wrist. Granted I have small, delicate wrists, but this is massive. They have told me that they will ring a tree removalist or someone of that calibre. I will let you know how we get on.

On other news I am trying to work out how to set up my surround sound system. I have no idea. I have followed the instructions - plugged in speakers, attempted to attach the tv and the dvd player. I don't think I have been too successful. I have two speakers working and that is it. I should have 5.1 working. I have at least set up and programmed the tuner. Go me! I have radio.

Again, I will let you know how I get on. When I have the 5 speakers and subwoofer working I will be dancing. One issue - I have put the manual down somewhere and I can't find it.......AARGH!

Oh - it's Grand Final day today. Woopteedo is my answer to that. I used to think I was into football. I was wrong. I can't be bothered. I know my neighbours out the back are so I will go out today and watch the final (so I know what people are talking about) with some friends. Glorification of sporting heroes, as I might have mentioned before, annoys me.


Anonymous said...

You're so good, saving that tree. We had a tree in our backyard fall over on itself once during a storm. Now we're a bit paranoid that another, bigger tree will fall on our house during a storm.

Our own football season has just barely started, and I can't wait for it to be over.

rogdancer said...

The Grand Final is excellent for sitting in front of and doing hand binding on Laura's quilt. It takes one Grand Final to do a side and a bit.
(I just thought you should know that piece of useless information.)

Frogdancer said...

Who the hell is 'rogdancer'?

widget said...

Dear rogdancer, You are just like Frogdancer. She is into quilting with a passion and often can be found sitting in front of the tv sewing.

I suggest you find a new name as it has made Ms Frogdancer a little jealous.

Thank you for you comments,