Friday, August 22, 2008


Friday afternoon and I am LOOKING forward to a quiet night. Have to go out for an appointment. Thinking what to have for dinner - might be something very easy but home cooked.

Student teacher - had a good lesson today with the 11s. Her plan, as described yesterday, was quite good but she was nervous when presenting this. We discussed it and looked for better ways of standing etc. Sometimes, as I said to her, you have to believe that you can even though you think you might not be able to.

Tomorrow is a babe's head wetting which should be fun. We have the staff function tomorrow night. Some of my favourites will be there but a few wont be. I am not sure if I REALLY want to go. I might put my head in there for a short time and then go off to something else.

Sunday is lunch out in the Dandenong Ranges. Beautiful!

I contemplated taking work home to correct etc but realised that I am too jiggered to do anything and it will just be a 'bag of guilt' that is transported from one venue to another. I will get the work done on Monday and Tuesday.

Frogdancer has tagged me so be prepared for some facts about me.......and you might get tagged.

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