Saturday, August 30, 2008

Some things I have learnt

These are the things I have learnt about being sick and staying home.

1) Daytime telly is a crock. There are shows on the the television that make me laugh but most make me cry! Why was I watching? Well my concentration was almost nonexistent. I couldn't knit, nor could I read. I decided to watch a dvd but that was late in the day and the damage had been done.

2) Don't go shopping when you are unwell. There are a number of reasons for this.
First, you buy things that in a month of Sundays you wouldn't buy EVER! I have things on my shelf that I am now looking at with a cocked eyebrow and thinking 'HMM!'
Second you take about 3 times longer to shop. You move along look at the shelves and ponder. You might have a moment when you have a head spin, or a hacking cough and then recover and finally move on.
Third, there are mad women who have 2 -3 kids who do their shopping in the middle of the day. They don't make allowances for anyone else, sick or well. They push through. Why? Well they have to get the shopping done BEFORE whichever child cracks it. Be prepared to get pushed around and have major head spins again.
Fourth, there also those who don't work and want to spend some time with the world and the grocery shop is the time and place for that. I learnt not to make eye contact with the vast majority of the population.
Finally, even if you have a list don't expect to follow it! (Refer to the first point.)

3) Don't try to do much housework. Better still just learn to live in a mess. I am now sitting amongst so many half done things. I won't be doing much today. I might just sit and read instead - or knit.

4) Nap. I didn't. Should've! Suffering now.

I hope these help you out.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'm trying to fight off a cold as we speak (as we type?).

I once went grocery shopping when I hadn't slept for two nights. I remember two things about it: falling asleep with my eyes open as I looked at cereal and not being able to talk when the cashier asked me how I was doing. I knew I should say something, but I ceased being able to form words. I promptly went home and slept for 18 hours.

I hope you feel better soon.

Scott said...

I am a firm believer in the restorative benefits of naps!

Stomper Girl said...

I definitely believe you need to be of sound mind and body to attempt grocery shopping. ESPECIALLY if you bring the kids!