Friday, August 29, 2008

my review of the concert

I made it through the concert. I'm home today. Hacking cough, unbelievable sneezing but otherwise ok!

Actually I should tell you about getting through a concert with the above mentioned cold symptoms.

I had explained to the kids that a performance is like a duck swimming. On top (the stage) is all smooth and there is no idea that underneath (backstage) there is frenetic motion going on. Many of them watched as I held the wall and had a good spluttering cough and then pasted a smile on my face and walked onto the stage. I think they got the analogy....

There were two moments that I freaked out a little. Once getting onto the podium just before I conducted my year 8 babies and then getting off that podium again. I had major head spins. Was not looking elegant. (Actually I think that would've spun the kids out if I had collapsed/fallen as I got onto/off the podium.) Before I got onto the stage I had had a major head spin and a hacking cough. The kids were concerned.....I was concerned! I grabbed a lozenge and headed off to the stage.

I just want to say how impressive the kids working on the backstage were. These kids worked their little butts off all day and night! I hope that the people I work with who read this find their names and thank them. The kids were absolutely hammered by the end of it! I don't think we'll get them back again! What will happen next year? Bugger it....we'll work on that next year!

The kids rose to the occasion brilliantly! All the ensembles were fantastic. It wasn't as long as I thought it would be - we had one extra item the Rock Ed kids dancing and they were great, and still finished by 11pm! I got home just on 1am after packing and unpacking the truck.

My 3 groups were great. First Choir - they were shit on Tuesday at rehearsal and I was so worried about the first piece they sang. We had to practice singing with music and dealing with folders.......They were much better last night and I was very relieved and quite chuffed. Go team! Froggie's first born in this group.....

Year 8 band - fantastic kids inspite of my crazy head spinning moments. My conducting of the first piece was haphazard but they played in spite of me....... We had only looked at that particular piece 5 times, including last night. I am thrilled with them! Froggie's second born in this group and he played his solo well!

Finally the massed singing - 500 kids on stage singing. It is an ego rush when you control that many voices. The soloists were great - Frogdancer's (Froggie) eldest had a solo. I am pleased with his singing, being his singing teacher and all. He has this big quality to his voice!
The whole school were reasonably loud and I was pleased to let them all go so we could pack the truck etc.

I'm off to sleep, do some household shopping (severely out of food!) and generally rest until Monday!

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