Monday, July 21, 2008

what a day.....

My, what a day it has been.

Before I get to that. Saw "Mama Mia!" last night with a whole gaggle of girls (and one bloke). It was really good. We even got over the idea of Pierce Brosnan singing - if that is what you call it. He sounded like a heavy-duty ballad singer of the 1970s. Interesting.

Anyhow back to the day.

I have to tell you that being acting Head of Department is quite an eye opener! I am doing this on top of my normal teaching load....quite a heavy load I might just say. Today we had two staff away - ill; one staff away - conference and two away - tour. Normally on a Monday we would have 7 instrumental staff but today we had 2. It was very quiet.

One of the things that I had to do with the instrumental position was send of the AMEB forms and a cheque. On Friday I, along with the other instrumental coordinator, went through the process I would undertake today. We have so many kids going to do exams. A cheque went off today for $4757 - that's just exam entries!

Another cheque for a percussion Eisteddfod.

Then set up two meetings for professional planning with the two staff that are there. I also chatted with our graduate teacher - forward planning for her professional portfolio she has to get together for her full registration.

Kids kept coming to find me - eek!

Taught a number of classes.

Developed a headache and came home early (home by 4.45pm).

Tonight is correction - three lots of year 8 and two lots of year 11.

I think I might get an early one in! I have to as the chamber strings are performing at General Assembly tomorrow.......


Anonymous said...

Ahhh another one who works real hours. Do you, like me, get tired of hearing that "We only work 9 - 3' and get 'all those holidays' ? !
Rest well :)

CelticBuffy said...

I am so looking forward to seeing "Mama Mia". But why didn't they cast people who can sing well? I love to look at Pierce Brosnan (he was hawt in Remington Steele way back when) but sing? I'd rather they put the original stage cast in the movie than all of the stars they filled it with.