Tuesday, July 22, 2008

another day like yesterday..........

Today is ditto yesterday (take away seeing Mama Mia). I got different administrative things done today.

Grand piano delivery organised.

4 Professional Development meetings had with my staff. (See Mr Scott I am working!)

Sorted out the choir uniform situation. Looked into getting new ones made but the cost is ridiculous - particularly as I am looking at changing them in the near future. (Oh my goodness $60 per item! and a minimum of 20 needed to get the order made!)

Taught 2 classes.

Ran a rehearsal at 7.45 for the kids to perform at general assembly. They did really well!

Taught Frogdancers son after school today - we need to get him some "interesting" music so that he can wow the audience again! He is talking about stuff for the end of Unit 4 next year!

Started sorting out billeting for interstate kidlets.

Booked out wind quintet into a gig for the local council.

I also did the instrumental stuff as well!

Didn't get the correction done last night as I was jiggered. Lined up for tonight. Now going to have my dinner and get on with it!

Enjoy your evening.

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Vanessa said...

Hooray for grand pianos! I haven't forgotten your email, just been busy traveling.