Sunday, July 13, 2008

the weekend away

I have just come home from my weekend away and have just caught up on my blog reading - some of you out there have been very busy.

I might just tell you that I am officially exhausted - I did nothing over the weekend except catch up with some girls that I didn't know that well but got to know them a lot better over the weekend. I got up early this morning as K had to get back for uni and I was quite happy to travel with her as I do have to get some work done for school tomorrow.

I told you that it was going to be cold. That is an understatement if I think about yesterday morning. I was in Daylesford and it was about 3 degrees and the wind was blowing. Icy, bone numbing wind that you couldn't really get away from. We were staying a short walk from the main shopping strip but by the time you got to the shops your fingers were numb - even in gloves!

We wandered from shop to shop looking at bits and pieces and having a good girly time. We went to the Convent gallery, which is an old convent that has been transformed into an art gallery and reception centre. Some amazing art work there and also some that I scratched my head about - but that is the whole idea about art.

I had another 'interesting' moment at the gallery. I needed to use the public toilets there and walked up to the ladies. Seeing the "vacant" sign was on display, I opened the door, and there was this woman standing there playing with her hair. I immediately apologised and backed out of the room. I then spent a few minutes guarding the door in case she needed to use the amenities and someone else came past. Once she came out, I went in and made sure I locked the door. Very strange and I have no idea why she didn't lock the door herself.

So why am I so tired? It has a lot to do with my sleeping - or lack of it over the weekend. There were 11 of us all up in a place that comfortably bedded 8. Three were providing their own sleeping gear. Knowing it was going to be cold I took 2 sleeping bags and a foam roll up mattress thing. When I got there I discovered two large couches and a slightly smaller one in the lounge room. I could almost lie down on a large couch so I decided to sleep there. A few people suggested that I should take the cushions of the couch and put them on the floor.

We had a good night of sitting around and chatting but the week had worked it's magic on us all and we were tired from the drive and sitting in front of a wood fire.

I got out the sleeping bags and my pillow and placed them on a couch - the other girl I was in the lounge with did the same. (the third girl wasn't there that night). Once I popped into my bed I soon discovered that it was warm. I couldn't get comfortable but I put that down to being in a strange environment and having the sleeping sounds of others around me.

2 hours later I cracked it a bit. I decided to move the cushions onto the floor. (time now 2am) The cushions were stuck down with velcro! You know there are times when you try to be quiet because you don't want to wake those around you and no matter what happens you are just noisy. This was one of those times. I apologised to the other lounge room sleeper and she said dozily "it's ok".

Three leather cushions on polished floor boards does not bode well but I wasn't thinking that sensibly at that hour of the morning. Each and every time I rolled over the cushion under my head went one way and the one at my feet went the other. I tried this for about an hour then finally gave up. I put the cushions back on the couch - slowly, as I registered the velcro issue.

Having got back on the couch I did get to sleep. I think I had about 4 hours all up.

Now I might just tell you that we had, as a group, decided to keep the central heating on (noisy) and the fire had been stoked up so it burnt away happily until about 3 am. I was boiling in my fleecy pyjamas and in a high tech sleeping bag, under the other sleeping bag.

When I got up the next morning (8.30am) I asked the other lounge sleeper how she slept and her reply warmed my heart. "I didn't!" It sounds awful but I was thrilled that I was not alone in my lack of sleep.

Compare that to the second night. I slept on the floor (on top of my foam and rolled up sleeping bag) and did quite well. The room was much colder and there was an amazing snorer in the room. I had my earplugs in and only occasionally felt the cold. I think I slept for about 5 1/2 hours all up so I was much better to drive.

I will get some work done today but I need to get foods sorted out for the week ahead and really just get out of holiday mode and into work mode.

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Vanessa said...

I hate when people do that in the bathroom! The lock is there for a reason people! GAH! Hope you get caught up on sleep soon.