Saturday, July 26, 2008

I've been thinking

It's Saturday and the domestic goddess has once again reared her beautiful head. Shopping done, back room, which went into stasis, is almost sorted (having a cup of coffee now to pep me up before going back) and a couple of loads of washing is done and blowing gently in the wind.

I have that pile of correction looking lovingly at me. I wish I was at it. The aim is to have it done by the end of the day - nay weekend.

Tonight I am going to a friends 40th. Last night dinner with a couple of really good friends who I really should spend more time with - one I work with and never get a chance to sit and natter with her, the other I did work with and should ring her more often or even email. A good night on general catch up. Need more of that.

I've been reading through lots of blogs lately having subscribed to a few more in my blog reader. By reading these many blogs I have to tell you that I am glad to be single and not have ever been in a long term relationship.

A few months ago I would never have stated such a fact but through reading so many blogs where women (mainly) are sharing the issues of child support, broken promises etc I am pleased that I am here relatively unscathed. I know that there are heaps of relationships out there that work beautifully (I've read a few of those too) but there is a great deal of passion in the writing of those who are venting their anger, sadness about love and trust lost. I feel privileged to read your inner most thoughts.

Now I would like to say that I wouldn't mind being in a relationship but I am more than happy with the way things are at the moment - happily single. I was introduced to Quirky alone by Vanessa and I could say that it has helped my thinking a great deal. Basic premise is you would rather than be single than settle for just anyone. There is a standard.

Cup of coffee gone, house work beckons - and it saves me from having to correct!

Enjoy the day.

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Vanessa said...

I feel rather blessed to have arrived into my 30's unscathed as well. It's about staying strong, upholding your own personal standard and above all else, not settling! QuirkyAlone's unite!

So, are you going to order a Singelringen?