Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Holiday? or maybe a revitalisation!

I am in a frenzy!

I have started cleaning out everything - and I mean everything. I cleaned out the "wrap/present" drawer and made a good attempt at filling the recycle bin again.

I will quickly mark some work (not much to do) and then I will attack the bookshelves. I have so many books that I own but were such a disappointment that I don't want them in the house anymore.

After that I might attack the crafts area - material into sealed boxes, patterns into another, the wool into another, the cross stitch into another altogether. I am lucky that I have the time now to do all of this. I need to do this before I move - better out than moved with me!

Other things that I will do over the holidays:
Catch up with friends

finish lots of knitting patterns

read a huge pile of books that I have been given

plan some work (yucky, but it must be done)

investigate further postgraduate study (lots of food for thought here!)

sort out finances for tax time (woo hoo!)

see a few movies

see Wicked (I have booked a ticket for myself in a selfish moment and am taking myself in!)

relax on the couch

design the new couch that I want

sort out the backyard while the neighbours out the back are at work

go to the gym lots

go on lots of walks

I think that looks pretty extensive, there is heaps more that I can add to it. But, I am excited! In the last few months (probably 1 1/2 years) I have been uninspired by my holidays. I am so excited about things at the moment.

The friend I caught up with yesterday threw me another curve ball - find your purpose.......Deep thinking - I don't think so. I am pretty sure I know what my purpose is - I just have to be brave and plunge straight into it! I also think that I need to work out how to articulate it! Go me! I am so proud of me!


Frogdancer said...

I hope you do better than me. Every holidays I start out with a huge list of things I want to have done by the end.

I never cross everything off. (Maybe this time...?)

Vanessa said...

Oh this is some list! Some stuff sounds really fun and some sounds like necessary chores. A fine balance I'd say!