Monday, June 30, 2008

Market gardens gone

I visited a friend of mine in Warragul today. It was great catching up - we haven't actually touched base for 6 months so we had heaps to talk about.

What I found interesting is the changes that have occurred in the areas around where I used to live and work. About 8 years ago I worked in a small town called Kooweerup and socialised and lived around Pakenham and Berwick. When I lived in Berwick the area had lots of market gardens and very little infrastructure. Today as I drove through I was astounded by the development. At least two shopping centres, lots of housing, a pub or two and lots of take away places.

Where are the market gardens now?

I appreciate the better roads but where do we get our food from now?

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scottsabode said...

I had to build my house somewhere!
Anyway - it has changed over the last few years - but then, forty years ago our school was on market gardens...
Hope you are enjoying your hols! Like the new look!