Sunday, June 22, 2008

planning for the holidays.......

I have one more week left in the term. It has been a long term.

This week I have the big extravaganza that the year 8s have been working on (think tribal stuff!) and I have a major junior concert on Tuesday night. After the last week or three with recitals, reports etc this week is child's play.

So what am I planning for my holidays? Sleeping. Reading. Knitting. Sewing. Investigation of financial stuff (including tax preparation) and further study for next year. I will also catch up with friends, family and the cat.

Last night I had a night home with the cat - the first night home all week in fact. She was thrilled to see me and sit on my knee all night. In the process of sitting at home I discovered something else that I might get into - checking out my diet with a dietitian. I have had a few nights of crazy rumblings of digestion which doesn't sound too good and much nastier to hear. I have this faint idea I might have a dietary thing I need to sort out - like an allergy to flour or something........I will spend some time over the holidays sorting that out too.

I think I will be busy.

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Stomper Girl said...

Ah a night in with the cat. Sounds lovely. Speaking as someone who works 3 nights out of every 7, I find the idea of a quiet evening in with the cat (oh all right and the rest of the family) very appealing.

I wanted to thank you for your reading suggestions, I will indeed read my children some Australian classics. I remember being obsessed with Seven Little Australians as a youngster!

Oh and Many Happy Returns for your birthday.