Wednesday, June 25, 2008

computer hitch

My laptop was not printing to the network printers at school and the technicians tried many a trick to fix the issue but to no avail.

I then discovered that I had to have my laptop re imaged to fix the issue. What this meant was that I would have to take all my files and store them somewhere as I would lose everything - when you are teaching music this is a big amount of memory so the school network would not really cope (we are talking over 30mb here!) so I purchased an external hard drive and downloaded the lot.

Next issue - reports! I had to complete them and it was easier to wait until I had all the reports done before I handed over my baby.......

Once all of those things were done I presented my laptop to one of the technicians (a VERY interesting character) and then went about my business.

Trouble is I have now realised how reliant on a computer I have become. I write work sheets, arrange music, download and listen to music to create lessons and then I also look at advertising and films with music to plan other types of lessons. All of my files are on computer - marking etc. I felt lost without the laptop sitting in front of me. I was able to work but it was away from my space - my desk.

The laptop has become an extension of myself.

I got the laptop back and there was NOTHING that represented me on the computer. I had a few applications that I had to re install and that took time.

Two things about music software. It takes a lot of space (which means it takes time to install - tomorrow is install Logic day) and you often need special registration numbers (Sibelius a case in point).

I reopened my iTunes and had to import my library. I found out that I have over 4days worth of music, although on reflection I realise that I might have a few doubles there.

So I have had two days worth of angst, no internet (my credit dived yesterday!) and unable to communicate with people via email or my blog......but I solved the issues today at home and I am back!

To bring you up to speed - the year 8 tribal extravaganza went off without a hitch. Well done kiddies - two of my groups came in the top 3! The junior concert was fantastic and I had a funny comment from a parent. As the woman was leaving she grabbed my arm and said "I liked your group the best, they were very strong and powerful!"

Two sleeps and I am on holidays! Bring it on!

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Joh said...

Only one more sleep now (grinning like a maniac).