Monday, June 9, 2008


Yesterday I went to the Mind, Body, Spirit exhibition and there were thousands of people there. I felt myself walking around with arms crossed as there were so many people pushing and shoving and I was not calm......

A number of interesting things happened ....... As soon as we walked in (I went with K) we met an ex student of mine. I haven't seen this young man in over 8 years - that was well over 1500 students ago - and I could not remember his name. I remembered his face and when I last taught him. What was interesting to me is that he made the effort (purposely pushing into me) to catch my attention. He shook my hand and still called me "Miss". I was impressed with what a genuinely lovely man he has become. He now works in the army and his hair is so short compared to the mid-back length I saw at high school.

K and I had been discussing another person that we were a little concerned about and then there she was standing beside me about half an hour later. It was good to see her and actually have time just to touch base with her.

Meeting up with this lady has made me think about belief systems. This woman teaches science, has an amazing belief in astrology but struggles with people's belief in paranormal. Her reliance on the astrological is, to my way of thinking, a little obsessive. She truly believes that a persons personality can be put down to the time and place they were born. Every time wondering why a scientist has such an obsession with astrology. I understand that every person has their own belief - or lack of belief - but an obsession with something that actually is (to my mind) diametrically opposed to the choice of career is fascinating. But it was interesting to have just been talking about her and there she was.......something in the room?

At the festival itself there were many types of people - as you would expect. What I am trying to get at is the fact that this festival seems to have become quite 'trendy'. There were the usual "alternative" groups with their dreadlocks, rainbow-coloured hemp material fisherman pants and somewhat 'unpleasant' body odour (they wash but sometimes they don't use enough soap and the smell of the drugs - alcohol or other - working through their system and out through their skin......). But in amongst this group were the very trendy looking people who were trying to find what the next big thing will be. These would be the two extremes. The largest crowd were the very suburban looking people who were seeking answers to all the questions that they have but quite discerning in their choices.

The festival itself was an interesting mix of people with a belief that they truly want to share and then those who are just there - for whatever reason.

I was wandering from stand to stand. I got sidetracked by a store where there was a demonstration of what love type you are.....this stand was run by either the Church of Christ or the Mormons. (the love type that I am rings very true - might have a read of the book....) But the thing that got to me was the fact that Amnesty International, WSPCA and another animal protection group, were there.

It was a very different approach found at these stands. I only really experienced the AI group but K did notice that these three groups were focusing on the guilt driven impact. I stood and exchanged pleasantries with the woman at the AI stand then she got into her full mode. She was pleased that I was part of the email community but felt that I should be doing more......I think she meant $$$$ as she was talking about monthly contributions........ I asked for a flier and she almost ripped my head off - but in a pleasant tone. She told me that they collected information and then asked me for my details. I refused to give it to her. This threw her. "Why?" Privacy was my answer. I also stated that in an environment like the one we were in I did not want to make a decision on the fly without having time to consider everything. She then tried the guilt approach - 'think about what changes YOU could make by becoming part of our program.' I followed this with the fact that I would check out the internet site and go from there. I then thanked her for her time and walked away - straight into the Church of Scientology.

Overall the whole festival was interesting. I don't think it was a true festival. I would've called it a trade show. There was a separate room for the 50+ psychics and a large number of them were booked out. The woman we met earlier did wonder, and I do agree, what sort of reading would you get in a crowded, noisy space?

I will probably go again next year - I am meant to be getting some free tickets from the tea company I purchased tea from.


Joh said...

I was there yesterday too! I am over them. Too many people. I did spend a wonderful half hour testing a massage gadget that I couldn't resist. My daughter is currently sitting with it pummeling her back and a look of bliss on her face.

Anonymous said...

Is it not odd how teachers tend to be called 'sir' or ' miss' or whatever the usage was back then even when the child is become an adult.

Vanessa said...

I LOVE Mind Body Spirit Expos! I would have gone with you in a heartbeat if I had know. Umm, and well, if I lived in Australia. ;)