Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Birthday wishes

Everyone sing!

(Da na na na na na na) You say it's your birthday
(Da na na na na na na) It's my birthday too, yeah
(Da na na na na na na) They say it's your birthday
(Da na na na na na na) We're gonna have a good time
(Da na na na na na na) I'm glad it's your birthday
(Da na na na na na na) Happy birthday to you

I just thought I would get that out of the way.

Have a slice of cake for me - and thanks to lovely person at flckr for the picture.......


Laura Jane said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Widget
Happy birthday to you.

Hip Hip Hooray etc

All sung beautifully in the best alto voice I can muster.

Hope the concerts were a fitting tribute to your advancing years, and that there was an appropriate amount of alcoholic bubbly birthday goodness enjoyed to follow.

Well done on all those bloody reports. What a complete pain in the ass to have due around such an important date!

CelticBuffy said...

Happy Birthday! I love to sing but wouldn't want to subject you to it.

Vanessa said...

Happy Birthday and I love that version of the birthday song! So jazzy and upbeat. Makes me want to dance. Hope it's a wonderful day!

Lightening said...

That cake looks good enough to eat...if only I could somehow snaffle a piece from the page. ;)

Happy belated birthday. :)

memake said...

Happy Birthday - that's a photo of the cake I made my son last year. It was delicious!

widget said...

Dear memake,

Thank you for your photo! I went looking for the bits and bobs to thank you properly but couldn't get it to download etc. Thank you for making and photographing such an awesome looking cake. My mouth waters each time I look at it!