Tuesday, June 17, 2008

a major ramble!

Today I handed in 158 reports of my 181! I am so proud of myself! I will hand the other 23 in after the final kiddies perform tomorrow night. I should reiterate the birthday thing but that would be just rubbing it in.

So now I am officially exhausted.

I am going to dinner tonight with K and Foo! I am looking forward to it. I love this idea of continual celebration of a birthday. Saturday night was great when my beautiful friends around the corner cooked a roast dinner for me! I was soooooo tired and loved the fact that they did something very special for me.

I am thinking of drinky-poos on Friday night but not sure of time or place - so tired, brain not engaged but must go out. Tonight will be an almost early one!!!!!

In case you are wondering, I am all over the place as I am excited about my birthday and overjoyed at the report writing momentum is coming to a halt.

1 comment:

Frogdancer said...

Happy Birthday.

(IOU a present. I've been too disorganised to get you one. It's on the way.... when you least expect it.... your birthday celebrations will keep going on....)