Saturday, May 10, 2008

The hills are alive....

I had one of the funniest nights out last night. In fact I haven't had so much fun in ages. I went with a good work friend to "Sing-a-long Sound of Music". It was very funny.

Imagine 2000+ people in a venue and a fair number of them are dressed up. There were about 50 nuns in their black habits and wimples, a few brown paper packages tied up with strings and even a few groups dressed - in various levels of success - as the alps. My favourite two characters - one woman dressed as the bowing lady from the festival (end of the movie) and a very crazy looking female as a lonely goat. She was covered in fluff.

After the fashion parade the movie started. We had been encouraged to call out to Maria, the children etc and call out we did. As soon as Maria appeared on the screen we encouraged her to "turn around" and she did. She turned large circles and started singing. We sang with her then, like any good musical, we applauded the singing - especially ourselves.

When Captain Von Trapp appeared, framed in a doorway, many a wolf whistle came out. I laughed a lot as the girl who I was sitting next to remarked "He's a bit of a honey...."

Rolf had his own dog barks, the Baroness was hissed and the Nazis (and anyone associated with them) were booed. I am glad I have seen the movie HEAPS of times (yearly occurrence on free to air television and compulsory viewing in my family!) as I could not hear all of the story line.

I think the one thing that I had no idea about was the pronunciation by mother superior just before she sings "Climb every mountain". She asks Maria "What is it you can't face?" (Just change the pronunciation of the last two words.) I was laughing a lot - not as much as my friend. The lady sitting in front of us stated that she would never be able to watch the movie seriously again.

I will be going again. A large group is the idea - and everyone needs to dress up! Take a few props too - torches, bells, whistles - it adds to the fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh my dear a female though
May there be a drop of golden moments
Foo by name i call myself
Frankston, a long long way for nothing
Sue, a litigation waiting to happen
La, a song by by old man river
Tea, i eat with my friends instead
That will brin me back to DOH! oh #@***-!@@#?

String, string, string, string
Everybody loves string!

String, string, string, string
Everybody needs string!

Pull on your pants
Slip on your vest
Everyone agrees
String is best!

String, string, string, string
Everybody loves string!

Frogdancer said...

I told you you should have gone as a goat...

widget said...

Oh Foo - you serenade me with song! Thank you. I sang all the way through....

If I had gone as a goat I wouldn't have been unique Frogdancer! I am now plotting my costumes for the next time I go. Thinking possibly motor car . . . although I might not have the revs.....(lol)