Thursday, May 8, 2008

He's finished

I have written my student teachers report and I have finished supervising him! He actually finished off quite well. He was starting to see the need for everything I had said in the few weeks before hand. I felt quite harsh as I wrote his report. There wasn't much that was a glowing recommendation but it was honest.

To the anonymous person out there who left a comment for me that questioned my honesty with students etc - it is something I do with students and student-teachers alike. It is also something that you should be able to do honestly yourself with yourself. Praise yourself where it is appropriate and then give yourself permission to change what needs and could be changed.

People don't like to hear that they are not good at something and you have to make sure that you word criticisms in a way that gives them the chance to see that there is improvement there. Imagine telling a despot that they suck at human rights! What a conversation you would be having and how long would it last? I just think that what I am doing is on a much smaller scale! (I don't teach despots though! Well I hope I don't.)

I know that when I am told about something that I need to improve, I can hear it if it is delivered in positive way. If there is no space or suggestions for improvement you just feel like a failure and that you just 'suck' at that particular event. Forever more I wont even attempt the task that I 'failed' at.

I talked to my senior students about the process that I went through with my student teacher and they said something that is making me think. They thought that his teaching style was so much better when I was absent one day. I asked them why they thought that. Their reply is that I can be rather intimidating! They did couch this in a beautiful way - they said that I watch them so carefully and that they know that I know who they are but they feel that I can see right through them. They thought that the student teacher (who does not know who I am) would not be able to cope with this situation.

It is a good point. Not sure how I will play with this concept.

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