Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I am almost over my tantrum time for the moment. Sorry to take it out on you all. I was living on a high of 20+ readers a day for 5 days!

Last night I made a new born baby hat. It was SOOOOOOO CUTE! While I was busy knitting away the neighbours were sitting out in their back yard with the spotlights on and the wood fire on the go. I thought at first that they might be trying to save money (I know I am being charitable) but now I know they are wankers! Well I have known for sometime I am just restating the fact. I have no idea why they don't go inside!

I am frustrated by them - this is an ongoing syndrome and I know what I need to do. Today I get paid and the credit card is being paid off - then we start saving. I think what really shits me about the neighbours is that I like the unit, it is a fair distance from the single people I know and from my place of employment, but I still like the size unit I live in. If I move I will have to pare down what I have - which is something that I should do anyhow.

I think I am also frustrated by the lack of 'social' life. A few months ago I was playing netball one night a week, running two nights a week and then out the rest of the time. We stopped the team as a fair number of the girls were pregnant and it was a bit of a risk, then I stopped running as it was affecting my health. Since then I have not done a lot of exercise. I think I am feeling a little cooped up at the moment. I might investigate a few other things - exercise that is low impact, maybe a few interest activities too. If I get out to meet non-work people I think I will feel a bit more in control with the neighbours........


Frogdancer said...

You said that you're knitting. What more exercise do you need?

Joh said...

Yes because knitting is the new yoga, so a very frustrated young woman told me once, as she created knots and clicked and clacked those needles with a slightly too uptight posture to qualify as yoga for me. I was so tempted to say breathe then, but too frightened.
Frogdancer and you are marathon knitters though, I can see that:-)