Saturday, May 24, 2008

a brief weather report.

It was bitterly cold last night - down to 2deg C. Those of you who are used to the snow and much colder temps my apologies for whinging at a measly 2 deg BUT it hasn't been that cold here in 27 years! I heard from the weather man on the radio that this was the coldest May night since 1981!

When I lived in Tasmania it was this cold the whole way through winter - in fact it got colder. I did get used to it and I was able to move with break neck speed from one place to another......I was constantly warm!

Last night I did something I've never done before. I left the heating on ALL night - it is thermostat controlled and I got up and it wasn't toasty but it wasn't rush round the house like a crazy woman, cold. The house was much warmer overnight, the cat didn't sook up to me to find my warmth - she was quite content to lie in 'her' corner of the bed.

(The other night she tried to sook up to me while I was asleep. I had no idea that she was there except that I felt her whisker against me face. My instinctive reaction was to push her away but I made her fly through the air instead! She mewed very loudly, which woke me and it was then I realised what had happened. I couldn't see her flying as she is a black cat in a dark room, but I heard her.)

The most amazing thing about houses in Australia is their design. We don't have to have double glazing on the windows! I find this amazing as we have very hot days and also quite cold temperatures, especially here in Melbourne. So much of the attempt that we have to maintain a suitable living condition is lost through the windows......

My day is quite exciting really - washing, vacuuming, a little shopping. Basically being a domestic goddess for part of the day. It will keep me warm.


cramerj said...

It was o.7C outside when we got up.
Later we found the bird bath water frozen solid. this didn't seem to bother the gang of doves that we routinely feed.

Vanessa said...

You lived in Tasmania? WOW!

I totally agree with you about the windows. They are a great line of defense from the outside.

widget said...

.7C! That's criminal! There should be a law against that level of chillines! I must ask were the doves ice skating?

Tasmania was great - a very beautiful place to be but the locals are very wary of the mainlanders who come and 'take' their jobs etc.